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Problems Playing

I am new to ICCF and I don't know where to start - which tournaments should I enter?

Your ICCF National Delegate should be able to guide you though the best playing options; he or she should have contacted you when you registered your account.  You can find your delegate from the Nations and Zones page.

I can find my game, but I can't move the pieces

Typical reasons for not being able to move include:

  • you are not logged in
  • you are on leave, or your game is stopped by the TD
  • you have turned off "drag and drop" to enter moves
  • you are using a device that is not supported for drag and drop, such as a phone or a tablet


If drag and drop is disabled, you should still be able to type the move manually using standard chess notation.

How do I take leave/vacation/holiday?

From the game page, select "Event>Take Leave" from the menu on the game page; from here you can enter the start and end dates of your leave.

Please note that leave is specific to each event you are playing in.  Also note that leave cannot be booked in Triple Block events.

Problems Registering or Logging On

I have forgotton my password

Please select the link "Password Reminder" beneath the log in box, you will be prompted to enter your ICCF ID number and your password will be sent to you by email.

For security purposes, If you have changed your email address, you will need to contact your ICCF National Delegate to confirm your identity before we can issue you with a new password.

My question is not answered here

If your question is a technical question related to using the website or server please contact the ICCF Helpdesk, but please note that the helpdesk will not respond to non-technical questions.  For all other questions (regarding tournaments, entries, ratings, titles, etc.), please contact your ICCF national delegate whom you can find from the Nations and Zones page.

last updated Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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