Rudolf Kolesnikov Memorial Team Tournament

Sunday, March 17, 2024: for players rated <2300

Sunday, March 10, 2024


ICCF is glad to announce the VII ICCF Team Tournament for players rated <2300 – here in memoriam Rudolf Kolesnikov.

All ICCF member federations (that are not currently suspended) are invited to enter their teams to this event, which will be played on the ICCF webserver on two rounds: semi-final and final.

The first three teams in the final will receive medals.

Each federation may enter two teams.

All players on the team must be rated <2300 on the ICCF rating list 2024/2 or on the current FIDE list. In addition, all players must be full members of the federation they represent or be registered on the ICCF server for the country of the federation they represent for the duration of the tournament.

The preliminaries will start on July 1st, 2024.

There will be 6 players in each team. A maximum of 3 players may be replaced during the tournament.

Further tie-breaking procedures: After standard tie-breaks in ICCF rules, the team with the lowest average rating on the commencement of play.

The right to be promoted from the semifinal shall be determined by the ICCF Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner and approved by the Executive Board at the start of the tournament. The intention will be for a 13 Team final.

The entry fee will be at the rate of € 4 per player, i.e. € 24 per team. There will be no further entry fee for the final.

Time control will be Triple Block (Duration of Tournament: 700 days; Initial Clock: 50 days; Initial Bank: 50 days; Increment: 5 days).

Please note – without guaranteed time in the semi-final and in the final with guaranteed time.

Team entries have to be sent by the national federations to the Non-Title Tournament Commissioner Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi (nttc@iccf.com) not later than June 10th, 2024.

No replacement or board change will be allowed after that date, unless exceptional circumstances occur.

All entries should include the following details:

  • board order
  • name and ICCF code of the players
  • name, ICCF code and e-mail address of the Team Captain


Amici Sumus
Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi


Rudolf Kolesnikov (1938-2023).

Rudolf Kolesnikov was born in Tbilisi, prize-winner of tournaments held in Tbilisi and Lviv. FIDE International Arbiter (2001), Honored Coach of Ukraine (2006). He started playing chess at the age of 10 and was in the youth national team of Georgia in 1953. After graduating from the Tbilisi Institute of Railway Transport Engineers, he was assigned to the Lviv Railway, where he worked until retirement.

Organizer and arbiter of many correspondence tournaments in Ukraine, ICCF IM (1991), ICCF IA (1999). Captain of the national team in the 5th European Team Championship (preliminaries and final).

Actively engaged in the popularization of chess, the author of more than 600 articles in almost fifty printed mass media. In 1990, he was accredited as a correspondent of the Lviv Railway newspaper in Novi Sad at the 29th FIDE Chess Olympiad. The author of the books "Correspondence chess in Ukraine" 1994, "My memorable face-to-face and correspondence meetings" 2019.

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