Historical Videos of ICCF-LADLAC

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A set of videos showing Historical events of ICCF and ICCF-LADLAC


Henk J. Mostert visit to Buenos Aires in 1993

LADAC recibe al Presidente de la ICCF, Henk J. Mostert (abril 23 y 24, 1993)

Institutional video about 50° anniversary to LADAC, 1945-1995

LADAC - ajedrez por correspondencia - video institucional por el 50° aniversario (1995)

XXV ICCF Chess Congress - Historical: first Congress outside of  Europe

INÉDITO: Simultáneas de Kasparov en Buenos Aires y XXV Congreso ICCF (sept. 1997)


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Kindly provided by Claudio GONCALVES 

last updated Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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