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International Correspondence Chess Titles are awarded by ICCF, all ICCF title holders are listed below.

Information about how to achieve titles, and title norm requirements, are described in the ICCF Rules, in sections 1.5 and appendix 2, which can be found through the 'ICCF Rules' link.

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ICCF IDNameCountryTitleYear

20486Álvarez, Roberto Gabriel ARG GM 1997
20397Beaumont, David ARG GM 2007
20714Benz, Germán Fabián ARG GM 2002
20339Berdichesky, Rubén ARG GM 1998
20471Blasberg, Gabriel Sergio ARG GM 1998
20162Copié, José Antonio ARG GM 2000
20531Cornejo, Wálter ARG GM 2011
20305Echeguren, Gustavo Fabián ARG GM 2003
20429Jacquin, Roberto Juan ARG GM 2009
20034Morgado, Juan Sebastián ARG GM 1983
20325Mozzino, Alfredo José ARG GM 2000
20096Pappier, Carlos Germán ARG GM 1994
20147Patrici, Norberto Eugenio ARG GM 1997
20097Redolfi, Rodolfo Argentino ARG GM 1994
20338Roca, Alfredo Cristian ARG GM 1998
20377Walsh, Héctor ARG GM 2006
30001Arlauskas, Romanas AUS GM 1965
30009Endzelins, Lucius AUS GM 1959
30437Fenwick, Chris AUS GM 2007
30028Purdy, Cecil John Seddon AUS GM 1959
10362Hamarat, Tunc AUT GM 1996
19118Knoll, Hermann AUT GM 2009
10464Muck, Christian AUT GM 2012
10543Rattinger, Friedrich AUT GM 2009
10147Tarnowiecki, Harald AUT GM 1997


Manual Title lists were maintained until 2012.
As these lists contain some data not available on the Server, they can be accessed here.
But please note the lists have not been updated after 2012.

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