All games from World Championship 24 Final with status Finished


Turgut, TanselKunzelmann, Fred White wins 5/30/2010 Go to game
Schneider, WolfgangTurgut, Tansel Draw 8/3/2009 Go to game
Turgut, TanselJoão, Névio Draw 5/26/2010 Go to game
Buse, DetlefTurgut, Tansel Draw 8/2/2009 Go to game
Turgut, TanselGerhardt, Frank Draw 6/23/2012 Go to game
Bokar, JasonTurgut, Tansel Draw 10/16/2009 Go to game
Turgut, TanselTiemann, Hagen White wins 10/13/2009 Go to game
Novak, JožeTurgut, Tansel Black wins 1/15/2010 Go to game
Turgut, TanselMuñoz Moreno, Francisco Javier Draw 9/22/2010 Go to game
Tirabassi, MaurizioTurgut, Tansel Draw 1/20/2011 Go to game
Turgut, TanselJacquin, Roberto Juan White wins 11/9/2010 Go to game
Wunderlich, Hans-DieterTurgut, Tansel Draw 10/21/2010 Go to game
Turgut, TanselSabaev, Sergey Valentinovich White wins 8/4/2010 Go to game
Blanco Gramajo, César AugustoTurgut, Tansel Draw 4/27/2010 Go to game
Turgut, TanselŠemrl, Marjan Draw 5/22/2010 Go to game
Schuster, PeterTurgut, Tansel Draw 9/9/2009 Go to game
Kunzelmann, FredSchneider, Wolfgang Draw 7/10/2009 Go to game
João, NévioKunzelmann, Fred Draw 12/1/2009 Go to game
Kunzelmann, FredBuse, Detlef Draw 1/8/2010 Go to game
Gerhardt, FrankKunzelmann, Fred Draw 3/13/2010 Go to game
Kunzelmann, FredBokar, Jason Draw 8/1/2009 Go to game
Tiemann, HagenKunzelmann, Fred Draw 8/5/2009 Go to game
Kunzelmann, FredNovak, Jože Draw 9/11/2009 Go to game
Muñoz Moreno, Francisco JavierKunzelmann, Fred Draw 1/11/2010 Go to game
Kunzelmann, FredTirabassi, Maurizio Draw 5/25/2010 Go to game
Jacquin, Roberto JuanKunzelmann, Fred Draw 1/17/2010 Go to game
Kunzelmann, FredWunderlich, Hans-Dieter Draw 7/2/2009 Go to game
Sabaev, Sergey ValentinovichKunzelmann, Fred Draw 7/8/2009 Go to game
Kunzelmann, FredBlanco Gramajo, César Augusto Draw 1/26/2010 Go to game
Šemrl, MarjanKunzelmann, Fred Draw 4/13/2011 Go to game
Kunzelmann, FredSchuster, Peter Draw 1/19/2010 Go to game
Schneider, WolfgangJoão, Névio Draw 12/6/2009 Go to game
Buse, DetlefSchneider, Wolfgang Draw 9/4/2009 Go to game
Schneider, WolfgangGerhardt, Frank Draw 3/13/2010 Go to game
Bokar, JasonSchneider, Wolfgang White wins 8/17/2009 Go to game
Schneider, WolfgangTiemann, Hagen Draw 8/1/2009 Go to game
Novak, JožeSchneider, Wolfgang Draw 9/6/2009 Go to game
Schneider, WolfgangMuñoz Moreno, Francisco Javier Draw 4/8/2010 Go to game
Tirabassi, MaurizioSchneider, Wolfgang Draw 2/8/2010 Go to game
Schneider, WolfgangJacquin, Roberto Juan Draw 12/24/2009 Go to game
Wunderlich, Hans-DieterSchneider, Wolfgang Draw 10/25/2009 Go to game
Schneider, WolfgangSabaev, Sergey Valentinovich Draw 7/9/2009 Go to game
Blanco Gramajo, César AugustoSchneider, Wolfgang Draw 4/27/2010 Go to game
Schneider, WolfgangŠemrl, Marjan Black wins 7/15/2010 Go to game
Schuster, PeterSchneider, Wolfgang Draw 8/3/2009 Go to game
João, NévioBuse, Detlef Draw 12/20/2009 Go to game
Gerhardt, FrankJoão, Névio Draw 11/2/2010 Go to game
João, NévioBokar, Jason Draw 11/26/2009 Go to game
Tiemann, HagenJoão, Névio Draw 1/9/2010 Go to game
João, NévioNovak, Jože Draw 4/18/2010 Go to game


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