All games from Swiss Friends II red with status Finished


Schön, WernerBlank, Wolfgang Draw 11/24/2008 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeSchön, Werner Draw 4/25/2009 Go to game
Schön, WernerGavazov, Aleksandar Draw 3/23/2009 Go to game
Walker, GeorgSchön, Werner Draw 12/24/2008 Go to game
Schön, WernerPfiffner, Peter Draw 5/28/2009 Go to game
Tinture, LaurentSchön, Werner Draw 2/11/2009 Go to game
Schön, WernerTrumpf, Walter White wins 1/14/2009 Go to game
Dauga, ZigurdsSchön, Werner Draw 10/27/2009 Go to game
Schön, WernerVlasveld, W. Martin Draw 1/24/2009 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaSchön, Werner Draw 11/10/2008 Go to game
Schön, WernerGrayland, Stan J. White wins 1/20/2009 Go to game
Olsen, SveinSchön, Werner Draw 11/17/2008 Go to game
Blank, WolfgangCorbat, Philippe Draw 9/23/2008 Go to game
Gavazov, AleksandarBlank, Wolfgang Draw 1/19/2009 Go to game
Blank, WolfgangWalker, Georg Draw 9/28/2008 Go to game
Pfiffner, PeterBlank, Wolfgang White wins 9/24/2009 Go to game
Blank, WolfgangTinture, Laurent Draw 9/14/2008 Go to game
Trumpf, WalterBlank, Wolfgang Draw 7/21/2008 Go to game
Blank, WolfgangDauga, Zigurds White wins 9/8/2009 Go to game
Vlasveld, W. MartinBlank, Wolfgang Draw 5/15/2009 Go to game
Blank, WolfgangLatronico, Nicola Draw 10/7/2008 Go to game
Grayland, Stan J.Blank, Wolfgang Draw 10/3/2008 Go to game
Blank, WolfgangOlsen, Svein Black wins 5/23/2009 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeGavazov, Aleksandar Black wins 5/16/2009 Go to game
Walker, GeorgCorbat, Philippe White wins 6/5/2009 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippePfiffner, Peter Draw 1/2/2010 Go to game
Tinture, LaurentCorbat, Philippe White wins 2/4/2009 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeTrumpf, Walter Draw 1/17/2009 Go to game
Dauga, ZigurdsCorbat, Philippe Draw 3/20/2009 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeVlasveld, W. Martin Draw 6/13/2009 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaCorbat, Philippe Draw 12/21/2008 Go to game
Corbat, PhilippeGrayland, Stan J. White wins 6/5/2009 Go to game
Olsen, SveinCorbat, Philippe Draw 6/23/2009 Go to game
Gavazov, AleksandarWalker, Georg Draw 9/9/2008 Go to game
Pfiffner, PeterGavazov, Aleksandar Draw 1/2/2010 Go to game
Gavazov, AleksandarTinture, Laurent Draw 5/16/2011 Go to game
Trumpf, WalterGavazov, Aleksandar Black wins 7/28/2009 Go to game
Gavazov, AleksandarDauga, Zigurds White wins 3/26/2010 Go to game
Vlasveld, W. MartinGavazov, Aleksandar Draw 7/10/2009 Go to game
Gavazov, AleksandarLatronico, Nicola Draw 1/4/2009 Go to game
Grayland, Stan J.Gavazov, Aleksandar Draw 3/24/2009 Go to game
Gavazov, AleksandarOlsen, Svein Draw 5/11/2009 Go to game
Walker, GeorgPfiffner, Peter Draw 11/30/2008 Go to game
Tinture, LaurentWalker, Georg Draw 9/8/2008 Go to game
Walker, GeorgTrumpf, Walter Draw 7/25/2008 Go to game
Dauga, ZigurdsWalker, Georg Draw 3/14/2009 Go to game
Walker, GeorgVlasveld, W. Martin Draw 12/30/2008 Go to game
Latronico, NicolaWalker, Georg Draw 1/12/2009 Go to game
Walker, GeorgGrayland, Stan J. White wins 4/20/2009 Go to game
Olsen, SveinWalker, Georg Draw 11/3/2008 Go to game


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