All games from WS/MN/20 with status Finished


Strengell, OlofMacchiagodena, Maurizio Draw 9/9/2007 Go to game
Leroy, JacquesStrengell, Olof Draw 9/22/2007 Go to game
Strengell, OlofCillóniz Razzeto, Alfredo Draw 11/3/2008 Go to game
Meißner, RüdigerStrengell, Olof Black wins 3/31/2008 Go to game
Strengell, OlofGibbons, Robert E. Draw 9/6/2007 Go to game
O'Hare, CiaranStrengell, Olof Draw 11/21/2007 Go to game
Strengell, OlofJong, Roel M. de White wins 12/2/2007 Go to game
Simeonov, LyubenStrengell, Olof Black wins 11/11/2007 Go to game
Strengell, OlofMorozov, Dmitry Viktorovich Draw 9/23/2007 Go to game
Dearnley, AndrewStrengell, Olof Draw 9/15/2007 Go to game
Strengell, OlofLindqvist, Bengt Draw 9/6/2007 Go to game
Agostini, ValerioStrengell, Olof Draw 9/26/2007 Go to game
Macchiagodena, MaurizioLeroy, Jacques Draw 5/6/2007 Go to game
Cillóniz Razzeto, AlfredoMacchiagodena, Maurizio White wins 5/1/2008 Go to game
Macchiagodena, MaurizioMeißner, Rüdiger Draw 7/7/2007 Go to game
Gibbons, Robert E.Macchiagodena, Maurizio Draw 10/22/2007 Go to game
Macchiagodena, MaurizioO'Hare, Ciaran Draw 6/4/2007 Go to game
Jong, Roel M. deMacchiagodena, Maurizio Draw 9/1/2007 Go to game
Macchiagodena, MaurizioSimeonov, Lyuben White wins 12/2/2007 Go to game
Morozov, Dmitry ViktorovichMacchiagodena, Maurizio White wins 5/30/2007 Go to game
Macchiagodena, MaurizioDearnley, Andrew White wins 12/26/2007 Go to game
Lindqvist, BengtMacchiagodena, Maurizio Draw 7/12/2007 Go to game
Macchiagodena, MaurizioAgostini, Valerio Draw 6/16/2007 Go to game
Leroy, JacquesCillóniz Razzeto, Alfredo Draw 3/2/2008 Go to game
Meißner, RüdigerLeroy, Jacques Draw 7/16/2007 Go to game
Leroy, JacquesGibbons, Robert E. Draw 2/4/2008 Go to game
O'Hare, CiaranLeroy, Jacques Draw 6/15/2007 Go to game
Leroy, JacquesJong, Roel M. de Draw 7/5/2007 Go to game
Simeonov, LyubenLeroy, Jacques Draw 9/22/2007 Go to game
Leroy, JacquesMorozov, Dmitry Viktorovich Draw 5/19/2007 Go to game
Dearnley, AndrewLeroy, Jacques Draw 7/13/2007 Go to game
Leroy, JacquesLindqvist, Bengt Draw 9/13/2007 Go to game
Agostini, ValerioLeroy, Jacques Black wins 8/7/2007 Go to game
Cillóniz Razzeto, AlfredoMeißner, Rüdiger Black wins 2/5/2008 Go to game
Gibbons, Robert E.Cillóniz Razzeto, Alfredo Draw 3/26/2008 Go to game
Cillóniz Razzeto, AlfredoO'Hare, Ciaran Draw 5/4/2008 Go to game
Jong, Roel M. deCillóniz Razzeto, Alfredo Draw 9/30/2008 Go to game
Cillóniz Razzeto, AlfredoSimeonov, Lyuben Draw 4/18/2008 Go to game
Morozov, Dmitry ViktorovichCillóniz Razzeto, Alfredo Draw 11/20/2007 Go to game
Cillóniz Razzeto, AlfredoDearnley, Andrew Black wins 6/27/2008 Go to game
Lindqvist, BengtCillóniz Razzeto, Alfredo Draw 1/29/2008 Go to game
Cillóniz Razzeto, AlfredoAgostini, Valerio White wins 9/28/2007 Go to game
Meißner, RüdigerGibbons, Robert E. Draw 7/26/2007 Go to game
O'Hare, CiaranMeißner, Rüdiger Draw 8/4/2007 Go to game
Meißner, RüdigerJong, Roel M. de Draw 6/3/2007 Go to game
Simeonov, LyubenMeißner, Rüdiger Draw 8/24/2007 Go to game
Meißner, RüdigerMorozov, Dmitry Viktorovich Draw 6/8/2007 Go to game
Dearnley, AndrewMeißner, Rüdiger Draw 6/12/2007 Go to game
Meißner, RüdigerLindqvist, Bengt Draw 7/22/2007 Go to game
Agostini, ValerioMeißner, Rüdiger Black wins 9/15/2007 Go to game


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