All games from WS/H/985 with status Finished


Stryszyk, MichałSivaji, Hariharan Draw 4/4/2024 Go to game
Stryszyk, MichałNagy, László Draw 6/22/2024 Go to game
Sivaji, HariharanLafortune, Peter White wins 3/25/2024 Go to game
Nagy, LászlóSivaji, Hariharan Draw 2/2/2024 Go to game
Sivaji, HariharanSenzacqua, Fabrizio Draw 12/19/2023 Go to game
Nyberg, PerSivaji, Hariharan Draw 1/8/2024 Go to game
Lafortune, PeterNagy, László Draw 2/2/2024 Go to game
Lafortune, PeterNyberg, Per Draw 1/26/2024 Go to game
Hassell, Graham S.Lafortune, Peter Draw 5/18/2024 Go to game
Nyberg, PerNagy, László Draw 2/5/2024 Go to game
Nagy, LászlóHassell, Graham S. Draw 5/21/2024 Go to game
Senzacqua, FabrizioNyberg, Per Draw 5/18/2024 Go to game
Nyberg, PerHassell, Graham S. Draw 6/26/2024 Go to game

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