All games from WS/H/974 with status Finished


Lagergren, HenryLindegaard, Peter Draw 10/20/2023 Go to game
Nass, GeraldLagergren, Henry Draw 11/1/2023 Go to game
Lagergren, HenryShapiro, Boris White wins 11/27/2023 Go to game
Schaeperkoetter, CharlesLagergren, Henry White wins 10/2/2023 Go to game
Lagergren, HenryCirrito, Massimo Draw 11/2/2023 Go to game
Slyusar, VolodymyrLagergren, Henry Draw 10/1/2023 Go to game
Lindegaard, PeterNass, Gerald Draw 10/19/2023 Go to game
Shapiro, BorisLindegaard, Peter Black wins 11/26/2023 Go to game
Lindegaard, PeterSchaeperkoetter, Charles Draw 9/30/2023 Go to game
Cirrito, MassimoLindegaard, Peter Draw 11/12/2023 Go to game
Lindegaard, PeterSlyusar, Volodymyr Draw 10/13/2023 Go to game
Nass, GeraldShapiro, Boris White wins 11/30/2023 Go to game
Schaeperkoetter, CharlesNass, Gerald Draw 10/1/2023 Go to game
Nass, GeraldCirrito, Massimo Draw 11/11/2023 Go to game
Slyusar, VolodymyrNass, Gerald Black wins 1/18/2024 Go to game
Shapiro, BorisSchaeperkoetter, Charles Black wins 11/29/2023 Go to game
Cirrito, MassimoShapiro, Boris Draw 10/16/2023 Go to game
Shapiro, BorisSlyusar, Volodymyr Black wins 11/25/2023 Go to game
Schaeperkoetter, CharlesCirrito, Massimo Draw 9/29/2023 Go to game
Slyusar, VolodymyrSchaeperkoetter, Charles Draw 11/2/2023 Go to game
Cirrito, MassimoSlyusar, Volodymyr Draw 11/2/2023 Go to game

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