All games from WS/H/954 with status Finished


Casto, AaronCuccumini, Vittorio White wins 6/7/2023 Go to game
Lagergren, HenryCasto, Aaron Draw 5/12/2023 Go to game
Casto, AaronBruce, Robert White wins 8/8/2023 Go to game
Głowiński, DanielCasto, Aaron Black wins 6/3/2023 Go to game
Casto, AaronLemaire, Martin Draw 4/30/2023 Go to game
Prokop, PetrCasto, Aaron Draw 5/14/2023 Go to game
Cuccumini, VittorioLagergren, Henry Draw 7/19/2023 Go to game
Bruce, RobertCuccumini, Vittorio Black wins 8/11/2023 Go to game
Cuccumini, VittorioGłowiński, Daniel White wins 6/8/2023 Go to game
Lemaire, MartinCuccumini, Vittorio White wins 6/8/2023 Go to game
Cuccumini, VittorioProkop, Petr Draw 7/19/2023 Go to game
Lagergren, HenryBruce, Robert Draw 6/19/2023 Go to game
Głowiński, DanielLagergren, Henry Draw 5/28/2023 Go to game
Lagergren, HenryLemaire, Martin Draw 5/4/2023 Go to game
Prokop, PetrLagergren, Henry Draw 7/24/2023 Go to game
Bruce, RobertGłowiński, Daniel Draw 7/23/2023 Go to game
Lemaire, MartinBruce, Robert White wins 7/1/2023 Go to game
Bruce, RobertProkop, Petr Black wins 8/6/2023 Go to game
Głowiński, DanielLemaire, Martin Black wins 6/10/2023 Go to game
Prokop, PetrGłowiński, Daniel White wins 5/31/2023 Go to game
Lemaire, MartinProkop, Petr Draw 5/8/2023 Go to game

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